Intim Kala – a solution, just for women

Intim Kala is a smart solution for women, which is both practical and hygienic. It helps in inconvenient and unpleasant situations, like lack of toilet facilities or unhygienic conditions.

This urinating tool is an ergonomically designed waterproof cardboard cone, which allows women to urinate in standing position, in any circumstances. It can be really useful during leisure activities, in healthcare institutions or just to avoid the risk of infection in unsanitary public toilets.

Who can use Intim Kala?

Intim Kala is suitable for women of any age, with parental help it can already be used from the age of 1 year.

It is lightweight and flat packed so it can fit in every make-up bag or purse.

It is disposable, please throw in the bin after use. Please do not throw in the toilet.

Recommended use

  • While travelling
  • walking
  • camping
  • skiing
  • shopping
  • on train or plane
  • on a night out
  • at music festivals, concerts
  • in public toilets
  • in healthcare institutes
  • during pregnancy
  • after labour
  • in special medical condition
  • when back problems prevent sitting
  • in schools


Distributed the Women's Way Kft.